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The GMCmap accepts any software automatically submitted data.

The following tested software are free for automatic submit data feature.

1. GQ Geiger Counter Data Logger PRO (works on all Geiger Counter)
2. GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer (works on GMC-300, GMC-320 series Geiger Counters)

Both software can be found and downloaded from:
GQ Electronics LLC website download page

Auto Submit Data Protocol

In order to automatically submit data, user has to be registered from, so that to get a valid user account ID and Geiger Counter ID. Each user can have multiple Geiger Counters at the different locations.

Auto submit data url format:

At lease one reading data has to be submitted.

Here: 1. UserAccountID: user account ID. This ID is assigned once a user registration is completed. 2. GeigerCounterID: a global unique ID for each registered Geiger Counter. 3. nCPM: Count Per Minute reading from this Geiger Counter . 4. nACPM: Average Count Per Minute reading from this Geiger Counter(optional). 5. nuSv: uSv/h reading from this Geiger Counter(optional).

Followings are valid data submission examples:


The submition result will be returned immediately.

The following are the returned result examples:

1. OK.ERR0
2. Error! User is not found.ERR1.
3. Error! Geiger Counter is not found.ERR2.
4. Warning! The Geiger Counter location changed, please confirm the location.

If a location change warning received, the user need to confirm the location from that Geiger Counter profile. OR Create another Geiger Counter from your account. In this case, you can have two locations share one Geiger Counter.